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2017 Update / New Boards

Hey friends and fans, here’s an update for the new year and what to expect from Eastside.

At the end of last year we dropped our latest model the DK DropKick with great appreciation from our fans!  A double kick version and update to one of our original models the DropKick.  We created a new rocker concave for this new board with slight W and foot flairs giving the rider’s feet a super comfortable grip on the board. You can do all styles of longboarding with this drop-thru double kick!  If you haven’t seen the DK DropKick yet, you can read all about it on prior Blog posts.  The official product video on our YouTube Channel has the low down.


New for this year will be updated versions of the Blazer and Mach 3 both of which first released in 2013.  First will be the Blazer similar to the original version that comes in both drop-thru and top-mount.  It will still have a 5/8″ drop-down platform with lots of room for bigger and taller riders with a wider stance.  This is definitely the go to board for a larger rider who needs a plus size board that can handle their style.  Most of the changes we added to this new version of the Blazer are mainly in the shape.  We kept the width at 10″ but added more length going out to 40″ with the same wheelbase of 30.5″.  Also we added more concave to the board but not an overt amount.  It’s still really comfortable and with no “W” in the concave making it a great pushing / transportation / LDP board, especially the drop-thru version that rides pretty low but not too low to scrap the board if you have smaller wheels.  We also got rid of the angled edges or gas-pedals to allow more of a pocket in the concave for bigger feet.  Again the theme of this board update is making the board our model for the large sized rider with bigger feet.  We have the DK DropKick for those that are smaller to medium size.

Blazer prototype 2017.

The Blazer is made with 9 plies of the thickest longboard grade maple of 1/16″ thick each ply.  All of our other boards are made with 7-8 plies of the same stock.  So the Blazer is the most durable for sure.  To make it even more durable we added a bit more meat on the ends for impacts, just in case you don’t have noseguards on it.  Our trademark noseguard the NOSEJOB still fits nicely and works great on the new version too.  We highly recommend them for any drop-thru board without kicktails.  They are universal and fit on most any drop-thru deck.

For the graphic, we decided to keep it the same since the board is fairly similar to the original version.  Plus we got a lot of great feedback from the fiery lava inspired graphic of the Blazer mixed with a geometrical pattern of the Eastside logo.  Did you know that you can read the word Eastside from multiple directions if you read to the right or up from most any E?  Not a lot of people notice this unless you have an eye for art and patterns.

Original Blazer graphic that will used on the new version.

One other addition that the Blazer will have have, is a new top side silk screen logo print.  It will look like this printed over the natural wood on top of the board placed dead center where most riders don’t put their feet.  You can grip around it and still have it showing.  The size will read 8″ across by 3″ tall.

Silk Screen Eastside logo printed on the new Blazer, new Mach 3, and the Relic.


The next board we plan on updating is the Mach 3.  We are going to update it in a similar fashion as to how we did the Blazer by keeping the same graphic and making some fairly minor shape changes.  The most notable change will be the shape of the nose by making it wider and bigger.  The new version won’t technically be billed as a double kick, but it will surely be more substantial than the original version and allow it to be used a lot more.  More info and photos of the prototypes to be seen in future Blog posts here…

That’s all for now, thanks for keeping up to date with us!  Be sure to follow us on our our fan pages as well for more frequent updates and media posts –

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