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New RELIC Graphic

We have an all new graphic for this celebrated model we absolutely love! Features a 3 color silk screen design over a new smoke grey stain. The design was created by Eastside owner Robin McGuirk and his graphics partner Eric Hovey. Eric designed this original graphic for the Relic and all of the current Eastside graphics. The original design for the Relic played upon a unique triangle design with photo images of the PNW nature placed inside the triangles. Very cool and well used for 5 years but we wanted to freshen up this model because it is one we plan to continue making for years to come!

Relic Deck Shot by Muir Skate showing concave.

We wanted to play on the old graphic using triangles but instead wanted to have a stain on the board as a base. Then simplify it using a silk screen ink design versus the more complicated heat transfer we used prior. This made for a much cleaner look with more contrast that can be noticed from far away. Using a similar design with the triangles being placed in an unpatterned way is an artistic play on the eye that leads it to continue looking around for such a pattern. Since it doesn’t have a pattern like a checkerboard, it keeps the eye looking around longer until it sees the balance of colors and weight of the design (which we think we achieved). As with all art its up to the viewer to interpret and find that satisfaction or not for themselves.

Relic deck with new grey stain and silk screen graphic.

The Relic has some killer bathtub style concave that creates an aggressive locked in feel. It also has a mellow hump or “W” running down the center to help keep this 8ply maple board stiff for stability and speed. That also provides the arches of your front foot to stay in contact with the board and your back foot and toes to stay inside the concave instead of having to hang off the edge for grip. The large wheel-wells and concave allow for lots of wheel clearance for bigger wheels up to 80mm for the whole wheel base range of 24-28″. This eliminates wheel-bite with loose trucks and no risers. If looking to get into downhill and freeriding this deck is a great choice and one you won’t regret!


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The Mach 3 is back!

Mach 3 Deck with bigger wheel-wells.

The Mach 3 was originally released in 2013 during the beginning of the “Skate Everything” era in longboarding. This single kick design has been our specialty since the beginning of our brand ten years prior with our first model The Tabor. The Mach 3 is basically a bigger beefier version of the Tabor with a whole lot more features aimed at being an a versatile downhill freeride board. It can handle both speed and maneuverability with some very cool “Next Level” features provided by the mold and the shaping. The Mach 3 has a deep radial concave with a touch of belly rocker and a super sweet fish tail shape tail. Carefully placed gas pedals edges are set for the back foot to leverage with a smaller to medium stance. And the scoop side of the kick tail is another leverage spot for digging in with the back foot for a wider stance, which comes in handy for stand up slides. The board in general is a fun all around longboard featuring a really useful kicktail for dropping of curbs, ollies over cracks and off drops, and just plain old kicking your board up to your hand (instead of having to reach down to pick up your board). It also provides another reference point for your back foot to push up against when tucking or sliding.

Mach 3 Concave featuring the “Gas Pedal” edges and side scoop of the tail.

We haven’t made a run of these for over a year so by popular demand we decided to put them back into production. Instead of re-releasing with a new graphic we thought it was so killer (sonic sound wave) that we kept it. The only change is adding slightly bigger wheel-wells for more wheel clearance. And we featured them by leaving them uncovered with natural wood sealed like the rest of the board is.

Now available on our website again and over a Daddies Board Shop and Muir Skate.


Mach 3 Longboard Complete with Gullwing Charger Trucks and Eastside H20 Clear Wheels.
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Eastside Relic Available Again!

The Eastside Relic will be available again next week! UPDATED 5/17/20 – SOLD OUT

36” L | 9.75” W | 24-28” WB

Introduced 5 years ago and still going strong as an affordable downhill deck with many “next level” features: Deep bathtub concave in combo with mellow rocker and “w” plus ample wheel clearance with wheel wells and flairs. Graphic designed by photographer Eric Hovey with photos taken of the PNW natural scenery.

This will most likely be our last run of these boards with this graphic, so don’t hesitate if you want one. Now Live on the Site!

36″ L | 9.75″ W | 24-28″ WB

Order Now to get yours here – EASTSIDE RELIC

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New DK DropKick – Special Resin Version

The New DK DropKick is NOW AVAILABLE – Go HERE to check it out and PRE ORDER yours today!

For this new updated DK DropKick version we decided not to change what our fans love about this board. Instead we upgraded the construction to make the board even better. The design of the DK DropKick has a lot of next level longboard deck features; Rockered Concave with Foot Flairs and mellow “W” in a drop-through design with useful sturdy kick tails. It has been out of stock for several months now while we tested some other laminating adhesives in this model.

DK DropKick deck. 5/8″ radial concave with 0.75″ rocker, foot flairs, and slight “W”.

Our goals were to:

1.) Improve the durability and increase the life of the board, but still weigh the same at just under 4 lbs.

2.) Not add composites to the board which are costly and are bad for the environment.

3.) Keep the price reasonable at $125 for this new DK DropKick deck.

After quite of bit of testing over time we landed on a resin we had used before in the older version of this board called the Carbon DropKick. It has some really nice properties that makes a better bonded all maple board versus one with just regular wood glue. This Special Resin is more Eco-Friendly than other resins and has some other killer properties we found work great with maple veneer lamination. When pressed it goes through the pours of the wood in a way that bonds the plies of maple together a lot better. The resin becomes part of the wood in and around it holding it all together in a superior way instead of just sitting between the plies like wood glue does.

New DK DropKick made with our Special Eco-Friendly Resin.

The goal for the design we kept for this updated model DK DropKick was to make one board worthy for downhill, freeride, and long distance pushing while having two functional kick tails to use for urban transportation. It was originally released in late 2016 after our original models the DropKick and Carbon DropKick from 2006-2014. Those prior models both had single kick tails on a drop-through design. During the time those earlier models were in production, we had many requests from our fans for a double kick version. Thus we took almost two years to design the DK DropKick with an all new mold. We made the dimensions the size most riders would want at 39″ x 9.75″ with a 26.75″ wheelbase. This allowed for all these types of longboarding to be achieved effectively including stand-up slides at speed, downhill stability and grip, and easy and light enough to push for miles on end. And now over the almost three years it has been out, our fans have let us know how much they love this model and have learned all these types of longboarding on it. It’s a do it all design that many rely on as their everyday board to go out and shred whatever they feel like that day!

This special resin we are using for this new version has a flexible strength to it allowing it to dampen the ride, much like wood glue does. Most resins others use are chosen for use with fiberglass and carbon and end up being too brittle which makes the ride rougher. The contours of the DK DropKick with the particular dimensions and shape of the concave features like rocker, W, and the kick tail angles are actually what make the board so strong and durable. Basically the design prevents the kick tails from breaking on this drop-through design. However with so much going on in terms of radial bends in the mold, we did have too many boards warping after they had cured. This was mainly due to the traditional non-toxic wood glue we were using. It added a lot of moisture to the wood and sometimes would not allow the deck to cure properly. Since this was a problem we stopped production for a while until now. And by now making this same board with this special resin we eliminated waste with defective boards. And didn’t have to use fiberglass or carbon to secure the board and eliminate warping.

The Special Resin locks down every board we make with it, never allowing it to change shape over time no matter what environmental conditions it’s in. How we know this is because of extensive testing making many new samples with this new resin. We did all kinds of testing over time to ensure every board never warped. One of the main tests was throwing it in a super hot attic right after it came out of the press. And leaving it there for over two weeks. Any other board out there made with maple and wood glue would definitely warp and crack if thrown up there before it cured outside the press in a stable environment like it’s supposed to. The new DK DropKick decks we tried this with did not, which proved to us they will stay true their whole life no matter where they are in the world. We kinda already new this about this special resin because for each and every Carbon DropKick we made we also used this resin. And they never had any warping issues during it’s long production life of over six years.

We wanted to keep the same sweet design of the DK DropKick but now make it way more durable with no chance of defects. We could of made it overkill with carbon but like said it doesn’t need it like the Carbon DropKick needed it to prevent the kick tails from breaking. The DK DropKick design, even with the old wood glue, never allowed the kick tails to break. Also we wanted to keep the price reasonable at the new price of $124.99 for the resin deck versus $109.99 for the old wood glue deck. If we added carbon too, it would have to be closer to $200 for this deck. In our opinion adding composites really isn’t the best way to make a deck because you can still achieve strength and durability without adding those expensive materials. Plus those materials do not decompose well which is not good for the environment.

We here at Eastside enjoy letting you know the process of how our boards are made and what thoughts and ideas go into them. We know not everyone will read this or care that much about that but some do and for those who read this, thanks for hearing us out! We assume you are probable a fan who has supported us one way other another over the years. So we thank you for trusting us and our products, and hopefully they serve you well for what ever joys of longboarding gives you!

The New DK DropKick is NOW AVAILABLE – Go HERE to check it out and PRE ORDER yours today!

They ship out by November 27th, 2019.

New DK DropKick made with our Special Resin Ships by Nov.27th.

If you’re looking for a do it all board that will last a very long time, then we encourage you to give this one a try. Everyone we know who steps on it instantly loves how comfortable the concave is. It’s deeper than most other drop-through boards yet not too aggressive. It locks your feet in completely at speed but still easy and comfortable to push. Many become total fans of this well thought out concave after they try a slide on it, bomb a hill on it, or push around town on it. And for those who love to use a kick-tail and even ollie, they also enjoy the DK DropKick for that. Those riders love being able to jib around on it, drop off curbs, get over cracks, and use the kick tails to get creative with their slides by having their foot on it while sliding. Plus everyone loves to just plain old be able to kick their board up to their hand after they step off. You don’t have to bend over and pick up your board, and it looks cool!

Concave shot of the DK DropKick setup with Caliber trucks and Orangatang Kegels.
Eastside Longboards DK DropKick - Official Product Video
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Holiday Gift – Balance Board

One of the best Holiday gifts you can get any boarder on your list, the Eastside Balance Board!

Eastside Balance Board

Weather a snowboarder, skateboarder, longboarder, surfer, wakeboarder, ect, this thing is guaranteed to be a hit. What’s special about our balance board besides the price and how well it’s made, is the design allows for continual improvement. Most other brands have limitations with stoppers on the ends and a track in the middle. That’s all fine and dandy until you get the basics down, which is pretty fast for a lot of riders. After that they get boring because there is no freedom to go different directions and push your limits. A lot of times in life, simpler is better and that’s what our Balance Board is all about! Check out the video to see what I mean by no limitations on what you can do with it.

The Eastside Balance Board

It’s awesome for anyone who wants to improve their balance, have something fun to do indoors, and it’s great exercise. People who ride them have a better sence of where their body needs to be on whatever board they are on outside. And can practice the movements that directly correlate to their sport such as learning how to get a toeside turn down on a snowboard. Plus it strenghtens all your tiny muscles around your lower legs, feet, and ankles that prevent injuires in the long run. A win win all around, and still fun for the experienced rider.

If you live in Portland, you can call Robin at 503-680-0457 to arrange a pickup for only $30.

Or you can order on the site here with free shipping. – BALANCE BOARD

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New Blazer V2 coming soon…

We’ve been working on this updated version of the original Eastside Blazer for almost a year now. And have the final proto under our feet with complete joy and satisfaction! We kept most of the great qualities of the original version and just changed a few things from valued fan feedback .  If you have the original version and are ready for a new one, then don’t fear this one has the same awesome feel with just a few minor changes. We think you’ll love it as we do and will barely notice the difference unless you are a longboarding geek like we are!

Blazer V2 Drop-Through model with Caliber 50 degree trucks and 76mm Abec 11 Flywheels.

We added a bit more wheel-clearance as some riders who ran stock bushings and really big wheels over 76mm would occasionally get wheelbite if they were a heavier rider. So we made sure you can run center set 80mm wheels like the Orangatang Kegels with soft bushings and loose trucks without getting wheelbite. We also added a bit more meat on the ends of the board for durability making the overal length 40″ instead of the previous 39.5″ inch. However we still recommend the Nosejob Noseguard for this board, which still fits great on it and ensures no damage when it slams into a curb.

Blazer V2 Drop-Through with Nosejob Noseguard showing complete coverage and protection. The Nosejob is designed to slide back upon a hard impact to the end.

The riding platform of the board is still longer than most other drop-through boards with an EFP of 26″ allowing a wider stance for taller and heavier riders. It is deemed the larger rider’s board or for those riders who prefer a wider stance with plenty of room to spread their feet out. It’s also made from 9 plies of 1/16″ longboard grade maple to hold up to 250 pounds without much flex at all. So yes you taller and heavier riders will love the ample room you have on this double drop board!

Top view of the Blazer V2.

3/4 view of the Blazer V2.

Another change was adding a bit more concave with no angled edges or gas-pedals. After riding each version down hills and sliding both hands down and stand-up, it became clear that the higher concave on the new version feels more locked in than the original version which had gas-pedals.

Blazer V2 Drop-Through concave shot.

One last change was adding a top print silk screen logo in the center of the board just like the lastest version of the Relic board has. We are keeping the original Blazer bottom graphic of molten fire and lava capturing the essence of the Blazer.

Eastside logo printed on top of the board in center.

Here’s all the official specs of the new version below. Expect to see the Blazer V2 available during the next month on our website here and at our official online retailers Daddies Board Shop and  Like the original version it will be available in both Drop-Through and Top-Mount, both having the 5/8″ drop-down platform.

BLAZER V2 Specs:

Length: 40″
Width: 10″
Wheelbase: 30.5″
5/8″ Drop-down platform
9 ply longboard grade maple
Effective Foot Platform (EFP): 26”

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New Video: H20 Rain Wheels Review

Local Portland rider Kurt Derow AKA (@filmkingkurt on Instagram) took the time to do a complete review of our unique rains wheels known as the H20 Rain Wheels!

As a seasoned rider and film student graduate he did an all around great review by taking them out in all conditions, wet, dry, and patchy conditions.  This is a must watch too if you like the movie the Water Boy!  Enjoy!

High Quality H20; Eastside Longboards' H20 Skateboard Wheels Review




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2017 Update / New Boards

Hey friends and fans, here’s an update for the new year and what to expect from Eastside.

At the end of last year we dropped our latest model the DK DropKick with great appreciation from our fans!  A double kick version and update to one of our original models the DropKick.  We created a new rocker concave for this new board with slight W and foot flairs giving the rider’s feet a super comfortable grip on the board. You can do all styles of longboarding with this drop-thru double kick!  If you haven’t seen the DK DropKick yet, you can read all about it on prior Blog posts.  The official product video on our YouTube Channel has the low down.

Eastside Longboards DK DropKick - Official Product Video


New for this year will be updated versions of the Blazer and Mach 3 both of which first released in 2013.  First will be the Blazer similar to the original version that comes in both drop-thru and top-mount.  It will still have a 5/8″ drop-down platform with lots of room for bigger and taller riders with a wider stance.  This is definitely the go to board for a larger rider who needs a plus size board that can handle their style.  Most of the changes we added to this new version of the Blazer are mainly in the shape.  We kept the width at 10″ but added more length going out to 40″ with the same wheelbase of 30.5″.  Also we added more concave to the board but not an overt amount.  It’s still really comfortable and with no “W” in the concave making it a great pushing / transportation / LDP board, especially the drop-thru version that rides pretty low but not too low to scrap the board if you have smaller wheels.  We also got rid of the angled edges or gas-pedals to allow more of a pocket in the concave for bigger feet.  Again the theme of this board update is making the board our model for the large sized rider with bigger feet.  We have the DK DropKick for those that are smaller to medium size.

Blazer prototype 2017.

The Blazer is made with 9 plies of the thickest longboard grade maple of 1/16″ thick each ply.  All of our other boards are made with 7-8 plies of the same stock.  So the Blazer is the most durable for sure.  To make it even more durable we added a bit more meat on the ends for impacts, just in case you don’t have noseguards on it.  Our trademark noseguard the NOSEJOB still fits nicely and works great on the new version too.  We highly recommend them for any drop-thru board without kicktails.  They are universal and fit on most any drop-thru deck.

For the graphic, we decided to keep it the same since the board is fairly similar to the original version.  Plus we got a lot of great feedback from the fiery lava inspired graphic of the Blazer mixed with a geometrical pattern of the Eastside logo.  Did you know that you can read the word Eastside from multiple directions if you read to the right or up from most any E?  Not a lot of people notice this unless you have an eye for art and patterns.

Original Blazer graphic that will used on the new version.

One other addition that the Blazer will have have, is a new top side silk screen logo print.  It will look like this printed over the natural wood on top of the board placed dead center where most riders don’t put their feet.  You can grip around it and still have it showing.  The size will read 8″ across by 3″ tall.

Silk Screen Eastside logo printed on the new Blazer, new Mach 3, and the Relic.


The next board we plan on updating is the Mach 3.  We are going to update it in a similar fashion as to how we did the Blazer by keeping the same graphic and making some fairly minor shape changes.  The most notable change will be the shape of the nose by making it wider and bigger.  The new version won’t technically be billed as a double kick, but it will surely be more substantial than the original version and allow it to be used a lot more.  More info and photos of the prototypes to be seen in future Blog posts here…

That’s all for now, thanks for keeping up to date with us!  Be sure to follow us on our our fan pages as well for more frequent updates and media posts –

Eastside Facebook Page  /  Eastside Longboards Instagram