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New RELIC Graphic

We have an all new graphic for this celebrated model we absolutely love! Features a 3 color silk screen design over a new smoke grey stain. The design was created by Eastside owner Robin McGuirk and his graphics partner Eric Hovey. Eric designed this original graphic for the Relic and all of the current Eastside graphics. The original design for the Relic played upon a unique triangle design with photo images of the PNW nature placed inside the triangles. Very cool and well used for 5 years but we wanted to freshen up this model because it is one we plan to continue making for years to come!

Relic Deck Shot by Muir Skate showing concave.

We wanted to play on the old graphic using triangles but instead wanted to have a stain on the board as a base. Then simplify it using a silk screen ink design versus the more complicated heat transfer we used prior. This made for a much cleaner look with more contrast that can be noticed from far away. Using a similar design with the triangles being placed in an unpatterned way is an artistic play on the eye that leads it to continue looking around for such a pattern. Since it doesn’t have a pattern like a checkerboard, it keeps the eye looking around longer until it sees the balance of colors and weight of the design (which we think we achieved). As with all art its up to the viewer to interpret and find that satisfaction or not for themselves.

Relic deck with new grey stain and silk screen graphic.

The Relic has some killer bathtub style concave that creates an aggressive locked in feel. It also has a mellow hump or “W” running down the center to help keep this 8ply maple board stiff for stability and speed. That also provides the arches of your front foot to stay in contact with the board and your back foot and toes to stay inside the concave instead of having to hang off the edge for grip. The large wheel-wells and concave allow for lots of wheel clearance for bigger wheels up to 80mm for the whole wheel base range of 24-28″. This eliminates wheel-bite with loose trucks and no risers. If looking to get into downhill and freeriding this deck is a great choice and one you won’t regret!


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