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Archived Eastside Longboards

The Handmade Process

Each board is hand laminated using thin plys of ecologically harvested hard maple. Some of them are laminated with a specially formulated non-toxic water-proof glue, and some have a uniquely less brittle laminating resin that is water based and more environmentally sound. Original molds are designed, programmed and cut by CNC for each of its models. The molds are put into hydraulic presses that laminate each board and press the thin plys of wood and adhesive into shape. Once the blanks are heat cured, they are placed onto the CNC machine programmed to cut out the outside shape and drill the truck holes perfectly. Then each cut blank is routed on the edges and sanded down by hand. Three coats of industrial laquer are sprayed on in between cycles of sanding. And then finished with silk-screened and heat transfer graphics for the various models.

The CNC Machine