Eastside Longboards from Portland, Oregon.

A local brand that has been making longboard skateboards since 2003.  Owned and operated by Portland native Robin McGuirk.   He is a longboarding resource for the area with a wealth of knowledge about all things downhill skateboarding.   Robin also teaches lessons and classes called Longboarding 101 at Mt.Tabor Park on the Eastside of Portland.  Feel free to give him a call anytime during business hours to ask questions or give advice.  He has a passion for longboard skateboarding and been doing it for over 20 years now!   He will gladly help guide you and always happy to help!   You can also visit our Instagram and Facebook page to reach out.   And check out all our YouTube Videos about learning how to longboard.   Ride safe have fun!


Eastside was started in 2003 on the Eastside of Portland, Oregon. A group of local skaters in their early 20’s sought a board that could do it all. Skating downhill in a city park called Mt.Tabor we discovered the joys of rolling smooth on soft wheels to gain speed and grip.  As our local hill, this has always been the place for testing out and refining each new model. Back then most boards available on the market were too short to control speeds over 25-30 mph or too long to make sharp inner city turns. Having the feel of a short board combined with the stability of a longboard – the perfect sized board was born with a strong focus on efficient transportation.   As the flagship model that many know us by it was named The Tabor.   And featured Eastside’s signature carry handle that can be seen all around Portland by all kinds of riders getting around town.   This model is still our most popular board great for beginners and small enough for kids learning and big enough for adults too.   It’s still in production and available today from local retailers or direct from our production shop near S.E. 65th and Foster Blvd.   Our other most well known product made for the rainy NW weather are the Eastside H20 Rain Wheels.  They are specially designed to grip better on wet pavement and make riding safer during the fall and winter months.

We are very proud to have partnered with Daddies Board Shop in 2005 as the first retail shop to carry our boards.  Daddies Board Shop started in 1995 and was the first shop in Portland to carry and introduce longboard skateboards to Portland.  Now they are the biggest on-line retail shop for longboards in the world and have been for many years!  In addition Muir Skate has been a fan of small skater owned longboard brands and have been supporting them for many years including Eastside since 2013.  Check them out online or in Seattle, WA at Motion Board Shop.

As a huge supporter of longboarding in the NW, we have sponsored most every event in Oregon and Washington over the years.   We also support many others around the country like the Muir Skate Downhill Disco in San Diego, California and the Ditch Slap event in Albuquerque, New Mexico.   We also show our love to various Eastside Ambassadors around the globe as far as Australia and here in the states on the East Coast as well.   Our Portland riding team has been formed by some of the most talented and dedicated riders from the Northwest.  Some of them have used us as a stepping stone to become pro and move onto bigger companies such as Billy Meiners, Alex Tongue, and Casey Morrow.

Being around for so long now, we really enjoy continuing to progress the sport, coach and support many riders, and see longboarding steadily growing everywhere!   We encourage anyone who lives or visits Portland to take one of our longboarding Lessons or classes.  We are up at Mt.Tabor most every Wednesday afternoon in spring and summer riding with locals and setting up cone courses, special events, and all around good times longboarding!

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