Learn to Longboard Skateboard in Portland, Oregon.

Private Longboarding and Skateboarding Lessons

Email: robskey@gmail.com
Phone: 503-680-0457

Private Lessons Availability: Year round longboard and skateboarding lessons by appointment.  All ages and skill levels welcome.  We teach both longboarding and skateboarding in the Portland area.  Contact us for an appointment.

Cost: $60 per hour for a single student Private Lesson.  $30 per extra student for Group lesson of 6 max.

(Standard 24 hour Cancellation Policy Rain or Shine with minimum $60 cost.)

Service: We specialize in teaching the safety and skills needed to become a successful rider with longboarding and skateboarding lessons and the classes instructed by Eastside Longboards owner Robin McGuirk.   He has officially taught hundreds of longboarders and skateboarders since 2010.  And has coached many more riders prior at Mt.Tabor Park, Maryhill, and other well known longboarding locations going back to 2003 when he started making longboard skateboards.   He has found that many beginners learn to skateboard easier on a longboard or skateboard with soft wheels.  Soft wheels glide easier with less pushing and safer to ride when new to skateboarding by going over sidewalks and rough pavement smoother.  With less time spent pushing and more time with both feet on the board, learning to skate comes faster and it’s also more fun! 

Robin also has a wealth of experience and knowledge setting up riders of all ages and skill levels with the right gear for them.  And serves the greater Portland area as a complete longboarding and skateboarding resource and guide.  He is always happy to help!  Give us a call anytime and Robin will gladly answer any skate related questions free of charge.


Longboarding Classes at Mt.Tabor Park.


Longboarding 101 – Spring Term 2024:  5 week class on Wednesdays from 12-2pm.

Class 1:   May 15 – June 12.

Summer Registration – SIGN UP LINK

Longboarding 101 – Summer Term 2024:  5 week classes on Wednesdays from 12-2pm.

Class 1:   June 26 – July 24.

Class 2:   July 31 – August 28.

Location  Mt.Tabor Park in S.E. Portland

Class Description:

Learn the basics of longboard skateboarding: How to ride with control and safely slow down and stop.
Focus on downhill and sliding in a permitted group setting.  10 Student max per class.  All levels welcome.  Rain or Shine.

Required gear:  Longboard, Helmet, Slide Gloves.
Recommended gear:  Knee and elbow pads, old pants and sweatshirt, skate shoes or shoes with flat flexible bottom.

Longboarding 101 Video featuring various past Lessons and Classes at Mt.Tabor Park.

Longboarding 101 Class at Mt.Tabor Park in Portland, OR.

Students learning the art of sliding at the top of the Soapbox hill at Mt.Tabor.

Students learning how to footbrake to control speed and get comfortable riding close together.

The dropping hairpin turn at Mt.Tabor.  This is where students take their skills to the next level.

Longboarding 101 Portland Community College Class Video from 2012.

Watch our YouTube Videos on Longboarding Lessons and Classes