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We have several HOLIDAY DEALS going on below here. Thanks for your support!

VALID CYBER MONDAY through Sunday DECEMBER 8th, 2019.

H20 CLEAR WHEELS – $24.99 a set $34.99

H20 RAIN WHEELS – $29.99 a set $39.99

TABOR DECK – $59.99 79.99

TABOR COMPLETE – $139.99 $169.99

RELIC DECK – $74.99 $99.99

RELIC COMPLETE – $154.99 $189.99

Skater Santa on the EASTSIDE H20 RAIN WHEELS…Get the DEALS while they last. Happy Holidays from Eastside! Skate Safe!
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Holiday Gift Deals

Here’s what we got going this Holiday!

$20 off the Blazer V2 Deck or Complete

Blazer V2 with Bear 52 trucks, Orangatang Kegel wheels.

$30 for the Eastside Balance Board (Pickup Only) –

Eastside Balance Board. Comes with roller tube.

And Special for Christmas this year is the Return of the TABOR!  This is our first model and the latest version here features the Downtown Portland City Scape Graphic on our classic double kick 36″ all around cruiser shredder monster truck skateboard with handle!

Eastside Holiday Gifts 2018.


Happy Holidays everyone, thanks for supporting a skater run small business!


Robin McGuirk

503 680 0457



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Black Friday Deal – Blazer V2

Happy Holidays!

Here’s limited time offers on our latest model the Blazer V2 just for you!

Black Friday Deals – 20% off the New Eastside Blazer V2 Deck or Complete.

Offer good through Cyber Monday 11/27/17.  Free Shipping in U.S.


Blazer V2 Drop-Through Deck. Photo by


Blazer V2 with Bear 52 trucks, Orangatang Kegel wheels, and Nosejob Noseguards.

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20% off – Fall Website Sale

Fall is here with a limited time offer for 20% off from the website with Free Shipping by using this DISCOUNT CODE:  EASTSIDE420

Just enter the code at your shopping cart to receive 20% off your order.
Valid through Nov.5th, 2017
This offer applies for these longboard decks and completes shown above including our latest edition the BLAZER V2.
Also applies for other products listed under the Shop Menu.
I greatly appreciate your business, loyalty, and support as a small business!  I focus on the integrity of the products I create versus trying to fund a big brand advertising budget.  The grassroots form of reaching out, referrals, and reviews are the main way I survive and thrive.  If you want to help me further, feel free to write a Yelp review on the page link below.  I know this can be a hassle, so no worries if not.  Just spreading the stoke about a product or service I’ve provided you is always helpful too!  You can follow what I do on my social media channels show with the icons on the right.
I truly love longboarding, making products, and teaching others.   In Portland I’ve made it my life to do all things Longboarding including Lessons and Classes, Special Events, and all around good times skating.  I hope you have been touched by this in one way or another!  Thank you for your time reading this post.  I’m here for you and always happy to help!
Best Regards,
Robin McGuirk
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New and Updated Website 2016

Yes you may have noticed the drastically updated website here.  It has been a long time coming and something we’ve been meaning to do for about 3-5 years now!  It’s just that we’ve been so busy building boards, innovating and redesigning our products, that this was one thing left on the back burner.  The time has come and we went simple and clean, fast running, and mobile friendly.  Check it out when you get time and let us know if you see errors or problems.  If you find something, contact us and we will reward you with a 10 % discount on any one item including a Longboard Complete.  Also as a courtesy we are letting the site run with

FREE SHIPPING on all products for a limited time.  If you’ve taken the time to read this, support a skater run brand made for skateboarders!  Thank you much!

NOTE: Free Shipping on our website only applies to orders in the U.S.
(except Hawaii and Alaska).
All International orders will be sent an additional email and PayPal invoice for the shipping cost to their country for the product(s) ordered.

Here’s a archive screen shot of the old site. Go ahead and be amazed and have a good laugh for old times sake!

Circa 2003-2016 via Adobe GoLive 5