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Longboarding 101 Summer 2019

More Info about Classes and Lessons – Longboarding Lessons

Summer Term 2019:  July 17 – August 28 – Registration Page

Longboarding 101 – PCC Summer Term 2019 Poster

Class Description:

Learn the basics of longboard skateboarding: How to ride with control and safely slow down and stop.
Focus on downhill and sliding in a permitted group setting.  All levels welcome.  Ages 16 and up.

20 student max class size.

Required gear: Longboard, Helmet, Slide Gloves.
Recommended gear: Knee and elbow pads, old pants and sweatshirt, skate shoes or shoes with flat flexible bottom.

3 thoughts on “Longboarding 101 Summer 2019

  1. That board and graphic are as bitchin’ as ever. The new resin sounds boss.

  2. which longboard is best for carving and sliding?

    1. Hi there, so definitely the DK DropKick is best for carving and sliding. It can do it all and very well, very stable, very fun!

      Hope that helps, let me know if you have more questions.


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