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PDX DockSessions

To ring in the new year of 2018, we are introducing a new series of skating sessions in Portland, Oregon called PDX DOCKSESSIONS!

Arleta School location for the PDX DockSessions featuring Hippy Jumps and plywood banks on the staircases.

We actually had the first event on 12/23/17 at the dry day location in S.E. Portland at Arleta School.  For wet and raining days it will be located at another school a mile away called Marysville that features a large covered area.  Follow the Facebook Community Page PDX DockSessions to find out which location each event is at.  The plan is to have them every other Saturday from 1-4pm in Jan, Feb, and March and see how it evolves.

The next event is on 1/6/18 – Event Page

The Arleta School location is perfect for Dancing with a huge flat smooth blacktop.  Also great for street skating with several metal edge staircases for grinds and tricks.  Also an empty parking lot on the weekends with parking blocks, both of which areas are fenced in an free of car traffic on the weekends.  Another awesome feature are 2 new slappy grind curbs that are freshly waxed and ready to roll up on and grind away.  The are on the northern perimeter of the parking lot with a sidewalk entry onto them.

The Marysville School location is a big flat concrete area that has a huge covered area to skate on.  This area is great for Dancing as well, but does not have parking blocks, curbs, and not as many features to street skate on.  However it’s dry when raining and we plan on bringing some things to skate with like hippy jumps and possible small ramps and rails to hit up.

Marysville School Covered Area.


Marysville School Covered Area.


All are welcome to come skate and hang out! Whatever style you got, bring it! We are just about having fun together and keeping the longboard community alive and strong during the off season. Bring ramps, plywood, or whatever other features you want to add to the mix, lots of room at both locations.

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