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Private Longboarding Lessons

July, August, and September is the best weather of the year here in Portland and everyone’s favorite time to longboard.  If you want to stay safe this summer and not sure of your skills getting down the hill, then we’d suggest contacting us for a lesson.  Perhaps you are already good at bombing hills and going fast but want to learn the art of sliding and taking corners at speed, then we can help on that too!  Mt.Tabor is a great place to learn everything longboarding with all the different types of runs and sections of closed to cars roads.  Stay safe this summer, wear you helmet and other safety gear to ensure you have the best chance of not getting hurt.  Just one hour of one on one with Robin McGuirk will really help you progress and learn some very important skills to keep you safe and riding all year long.  He is a friendly and accomplished native who has taught hundreds of students in the area over the last 10 years.

For more info check out our LESSON page below.  The classes are already full this year but Private Lessons are available during other nights of the week and on some weekends.  Contact us today to check our schedule –


The top of the Mt.Tabor Soapbox hill students learn sliding and drifting.
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