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P-Town Throwdown – May 28th

The longest running skateboard race in the Pacific Northwest is going down again for the 13th year in a row on May 28th. Otherwise known as the Mt.Tabor to Sellwood Park Race it celebrates the tradition of skating at Tabor and Portland’s unique City Ordinance 20.12.205. This states that skateboarding is a legal form of transportation. Riders are expected to follow all traffic laws such as stopping at red lights and staying in their lane. The event raises food for Oregon Food Bank with riders bringing 4 cans of food to enter. Every 4 cans received a raffle ticket with no limit on donations. Then after the race at Sellwood Park all the prizes donated by the many generous sponsors gets raffled off. So basically the more food you donate the better chances of winning prizes!

Check out the Facebook event page for more details including your waiver print out if you are under 18.

Riders having a blast pushing and riding in critical mass down a city bike route.


The traditional warm up fun run down Tabor to the start line of the race just outside the park.


Swag city! Prizes are given to race winners and raffle winners alike.


Warming up the troops, going over some ground rules, and making sure everyone knows where they’re headed.


After 8.5 miles of pushing, riders are met by volunteers and fellow riders at the finish line.


The first 50 riders will also receive a laminated map of the course. The route is fairly easy to follow and for a push race it’s not very grueling so most any skater can do it easily as a cruise. It’s 5 miles of mostly slight downhill through the city, then 3.5 miles of flat on a bike path leading to the finish line at Sellwood Park. There are 2 sections early on that are steeper. However if you know how to keep your speed down by footbraking or simple getting off your board and either buttboarding or walking down them, then it’s no big deal. Just be prepared if you are worried about them by going down Lincoln street from 58th to 20th on your own prior to the event. Other than that you are in traffic so following the same rules bikes do will keep you safe. There are only 3 stop lights on the whole course: 50th, 39th, and crossing Division St.



Heading down the first hill down Lincoln street from 58th to 52nd.  Casey Morrow in the foreground hunting!

If you’re a rider in the area and have never been, then mark in on your calendar to come out to support and good cause, celebrate our city’s privilege to skate the streets legally, and have fun rollin’ down the Eastside of Portland with a crew of locals!

After Party at Hot Lips Pizza on Hawthorne Blvd.


2016 Podium
3rd – Sol Bilderback, 1st – Colby Cummings, 2nd – Miguel Aldrete




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  1. I’m an old dude and I’m gonna race! Lookin forward to it!

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