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Longboarding 101 – Summer Term

Longboarding 101 Summer Term starts July 13th!

Summer Term 2016 – Class Registration Link > PCC Longboarding 101



PCC Summer Term 2016 Poster for Longboarding 101.
PCC Summer Term 2016 Poster for Longboarding 101.


3 thoughts on “Longboarding 101 – Summer Term

  1. When I was a beginner nobody i really found to tech me the basic technique of riding a Longboard. But fortunately one of my class mate were expert and i knew that 2 week later, he agree to ride with me and show me the basic rules. I will be grateful to him. And this is really a great opportunity for the beginner rider.

  2. Going to classes is a great way to learn Longboarding. It can expose you to other enthusiast where you can also learn some tips.

    Choosing the right Longboard is another. Depending on your riding style, there are factors to consider when buying. Try checking out reviews and buyers guide for help.

  3. We need more of these in order to pass on safe and responsible riding. These types of classes also give confidence to new riders, which is important. Confidence inspires people.

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