Mach 3 Complete


Length: 37″ Width: 9.75″ WB: 22-23″ Rocker: 0.25″

The Mach 3 Complete is ready to ride with Abec 7 bearings, hardware, and choice of wheels, trucks, and griptape.

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The Mach 3 took over two years to develop while being rigorously tested and altered until we got it just right. It has an all-around ability for most any type of terrain known as our “Skate Anything” model. It can handle slow to fast freeriding and downhill up to 40 mph. Categorized as a single-kick downhill, it’s main feature is the one of kind fish-tail shaped kicktail allowing it to attack ditches, banks, and parks at speed. Named after its predecessors the Mach 1 and 2 models many years ago, this drastically updated version carries the same spirit of agility and speed.

Carefully placed wheel-wells and gas-pedals in the back allow for lots of sliding and pre-drifting leverage with proper wheel clearance. It can be ridden with a shorter stance for those who like to have their back foot on the gas-pedal edge. Or ridden with a wider stance for those who like to have their back foot locked into the side scoop of the tail, giving more control for all kinds of sliding action. It has a deep elliptical concave featuring a low point of mellow rocker in the center for a more stable feel.  And it has just enough nosekick to keep your front foot on for big man ollies.

The 23″ wheelbase with longboard style trucks (RKP) is a perfect length for responsive downhill and freeriding. It’s easy to maneuver and take any line you like, including the ability to steal the inside!  The shorter 22″ wheelbase is designed for standard style trucks (TKP) for those who enjoy a more traditional skateboard type feel to their ride.  Super solid 8 ply contruction made from the highest quality longboard grade maple that can handle riders up to 250 pounds with no flex. Recommended wheels 65-72mm with loose trucks.


  • Kicktail shape with rear gas-pedals.
  • 1/4″ belly rocker with 5/8″ deep elliptical concave.
  • 8 Ply Maple Construction -- Stiff for 250 lbs and below.
  • 22″ and 23″ Wheelbases with New School bolt pattern.
  • Accurate Wheel-wells for wheels up to 72mm with loose trucks.

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4.5 lbs.


37" Length / 9.75" Width / 22-23" Wheelbase


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