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P-Town Throwdown

P-Town Throwdown 2018 Event Poster

Facebook Event Page

14th Annual – Mt.Tabor to Sellwood Park Skateboard Race! This is the longest running skateboard race in the Northwest US.

This event is a charitable food drive for OREGON FOOD BANK to help the hungry in Portland.

REGISTRATION and Food Collection – 9:30am – Located at the lower parking lot on the North side of Mt.Tabor Park.
Map –




This is the original course used for Portland Pusher #4 in 2005, the Annie Ross Open from 2006-2010, and the last six years of the P-Town Throwdown. The route is 8.5 Miles through lower S.E. Portland. First 5 miles is mostly slight downhill but includes two sections that are 6-10 blocks of steeper downhill with speeds of 20-30 mph. Knowing how to footbrake will keep you under that. The last 3 miles you enter the bike path leading you South along the Willamette River towards Sellwood Park and the finish line just before the Sellwood bridge. The whole route includes only 3 traffic light signals to watch for. As a city bike route there are very few stop signs along this course, but please be aware of traffic at all times!
PLEASE PAY ATTENTION AT THE RIDERS MEEETING – The course will be explained highlighting the most dangerous intersections. If you are unsure then follow a group of riders who have done it before. NOTE: This race is unique to other distance skateboard races. Riders will be going as fast as possible but will be obeying city traffic laws all the way through. Basically racing to the stop signs or red lights, stopping, then continue racing again. Any riders not doing this will be disqualified and banned from the event!

ENTRY FEE: 4 Cans of Food and approved liability waiver.

P-Town Throwdown Course Map


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PDX DockSessions

To ring in the new year of 2018, we are introducing a new series of skating sessions in Portland, Oregon called PDX DOCKSESSIONS!

Arleta School location for the PDX DockSessions featuring Hippy Jumps and plywood banks on the staircases.

We actually had the first event on 12/23/17 at the dry day location in S.E. Portland at Arleta School.  For wet and raining days it will be located at another school a mile away called Marysville that features a large covered area.  Follow the Facebook Community Page PDX DockSessions to find out which location each event is at.  The plan is to have them every other Saturday from 1-4pm in Jan, Feb, and March and see how it evolves.

The next event is on 1/6/18 – Event Page

The Arleta School location is perfect for Dancing with a huge flat smooth blacktop.  Also great for street skating with several metal edge staircases for grinds and tricks.  Also an empty parking lot on the weekends with parking blocks, both of which areas are fenced in an free of car traffic on the weekends.  Another awesome feature are 2 new slappy grind curbs that are freshly waxed and ready to roll up on and grind away.  The are on the northern perimeter of the parking lot with a sidewalk entry onto them.

The Marysville School location is a big flat concrete area that has a huge covered area to skate on.  This area is great for Dancing as well, but does not have parking blocks, curbs, and not as many features to street skate on.  However it’s dry when raining and we plan on bringing some things to skate with like hippy jumps and possible small ramps and rails to hit up.

Marysville School Covered Area.


Marysville School Covered Area.


All are welcome to come skate and hang out! Whatever style you got, bring it! We are just about having fun together and keeping the longboard community alive and strong during the off season. Bring ramps, plywood, or whatever other features you want to add to the mix, lots of room at both locations.

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Holiday Gift – Balance Board

One of the best Holiday gifts you can get any boarder on your list, the Eastside Balance Board!

Eastside Balance Board

Weather a snowboarder, skateboarder, longboarder, surfer, wakeboarder, ect, this thing is guaranteed to be a hit. What’s special about our balance board besides the price and how well it’s made, is the design allows for continual improvement. Most other brands have limitations with stoppers on the ends and a track in the middle. That’s all fine and dandy until you get the basics down, which is pretty fast for a lot of riders. After that they get boring because there is no freedom to go different directions and push your limits. A lot of times in life, simpler is better and that’s what our Balance Board is all about! Check out the video to see what I mean by no limitations on what you can do with it.

The Eastside Balance Board

It’s awesome for anyone who wants to improve their balance, have something fun to do indoors, and it’s great exercise. People who ride them have a better sence of where their body needs to be on whatever board they are on outside. And can practice the movements that directly correlate to their sport such as learning how to get a toeside turn down on a snowboard. Plus it strenghtens all your tiny muscles around your lower legs, feet, and ankles that prevent injuires in the long run. A win win all around, and still fun for the experienced rider.

If you live in Portland, you can call Robin at 503-680-0457 to arrange a pickup for only $30.

Or you can order on the site here with free shipping. – BALANCE BOARD

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Black Friday Deal – Blazer V2

Happy Holidays!

Here’s limited time offers on our latest model the Blazer V2 just for you!

Black Friday Deals – 20% off the New Eastside Blazer V2 Deck or Complete.

Offer good through Cyber Monday 11/27/17.  Free Shipping in U.S.


Blazer V2 Drop-Through Deck. Photo by


Blazer V2 with Bear 52 trucks, Orangatang Kegel wheels, and Nosejob Noseguards.
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20% off – Fall Website Sale

Fall is here with a limited time offer for 20% off from the website with Free Shipping by using this DISCOUNT CODE:  EASTSIDE420

Just enter the code at your shopping cart to receive 20% off your order.
Valid through Nov.5th, 2017
This offer applies for these longboard decks and completes shown above including our latest edition the BLAZER V2.
Also applies for other products listed under the Shop Menu.
I greatly appreciate your business, loyalty, and support as a small business!  I focus on the integrity of the products I create versus trying to fund a big brand advertising budget.  The grassroots form of reaching out, referrals, and reviews are the main way I survive and thrive.  If you want to help me further, feel free to write a Yelp review on the page link below.  I know this can be a hassle, so no worries if not.  Just spreading the stoke about a product or service I’ve provided you is always helpful too!  You can follow what I do on my social media channels show with the icons on the right.
I truly love longboarding, making products, and teaching others.   In Portland I’ve made it my life to do all things Longboarding including Lessons and Classes, Special Events, and all around good times skating.  I hope you have been touched by this in one way or another!  Thank you for your time reading this post.  I’m here for you and always happy to help!
Best Regards,
Robin McGuirk
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Push In The Woods Oct.1st

The 5th annual event is back next Sunday Oct.1st with pre-events the Saturday before Sept.30th.

Mt.Tabor at noon will be showcasing 2 different slalom courses.  A SGS and head to head GS.

Come out and enjoy these longboard friendly courses on Portland’s most famous longboarding park.

That night will be hosting a Parking garage session in downtown Portland as we have previous years.   There will be a parkade style race where everyone goes at once with the last 4 eliminated each round until finals.

The main event is in Banks, OR at the Banks trailhead of the Banks/Vernonia trail.  $20 to enter both the 5K and 10K races.

More info on the Facebook event page –

Push In The Woods 2017
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New Blazer V2 coming soon…

We’ve been working on this updated version of the original Eastside Blazer for almost a year now. And have the final proto under our feet with complete joy and satisfaction! We kept most of the great qualities of the original version and just changed a few things from valued fan feedback .  If you have the original version and are ready for a new one, then don’t fear this one has the same awesome feel with just a few minor changes. We think you’ll love it as we do and will barely notice the difference unless you are a longboarding geek like we are!

Blazer V2 Drop-Through model with Caliber 50 degree trucks and 76mm Abec 11 Flywheels.

We added a bit more wheel-clearance as some riders who ran stock bushings and really big wheels over 76mm would occasionally get wheelbite if they were a heavier rider. So we made sure you can run center set 80mm wheels like the Orangatang Kegels with soft bushings and loose trucks without getting wheelbite. We also added a bit more meat on the ends of the board for durability making the overal length 40″ instead of the previous 39.5″ inch. However we still recommend the Nosejob Noseguard for this board, which still fits great on it and ensures no damage when it slams into a curb.

Blazer V2 Drop-Through with Nosejob Noseguard showing complete coverage and protection. The Nosejob is designed to slide back upon a hard impact to the end.

The riding platform of the board is still longer than most other drop-through boards with an EFP of 26″ allowing a wider stance for taller and heavier riders. It is deemed the larger rider’s board or for those riders who prefer a wider stance with plenty of room to spread their feet out. It’s also made from 9 plies of 1/16″ longboard grade maple to hold up to 250 pounds without much flex at all. So yes you taller and heavier riders will love the ample room you have on this double drop board!

Top view of the Blazer V2.
3/4 view of the Blazer V2.

Another change was adding a bit more concave with no angled edges or gas-pedals. After riding each version down hills and sliding both hands down and stand-up, it became clear that the higher concave on the new version feels more locked in than the original version which had gas-pedals.

Blazer V2 Drop-Through concave shot.

One last change was adding a top print silk screen logo in the center of the board just like the lastest version of the Relic board has. We are keeping the original Blazer bottom graphic of molten fire and lava capturing the essence of the Blazer.

Eastside logo printed on top of the board in center.

Here’s all the official specs of the new version below. Expect to see the Blazer V2 available during the next month on our website here and at our official online retailers Daddies Board Shop and  Like the original version it will be available in both Drop-Through and Top-Mount, both having the 5/8″ drop-down platform.

BLAZER V2 Specs:

Length: 40″
Width: 10″
Wheelbase: 30.5″
5/8″ Drop-down platform
9 ply longboard grade maple
Effective Foot Platform (EFP): 26”

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Private Longboarding Lessons

July, August, and September is the best weather of the year here in Portland and everyone’s favorite time to longboard.  If you want to stay safe this summer and not sure of your skills getting down the hill, then we’d suggest contacting us for a lesson.  Perhaps you are already good at bombing hills and going fast but want to learn the art of sliding and taking corners at speed, then we can help on that too!  Mt.Tabor is a great place to learn everything longboarding with all the different types of runs and sections of closed to cars roads.  Stay safe this summer, wear you helmet and other safety gear to ensure you have the best chance of not getting hurt.  Just one hour of one on one with Robin McGuirk will really help you progress and learn some very important skills to keep you safe and riding all year long.  He is a friendly and accomplished native who has taught hundreds of students in the area over the last 10 years.

For more info check out our LESSON page below.  The classes are already full this year but Private Lessons are available during other nights of the week and on some weekends.  Contact us today to check our schedule –


The top of the Mt.Tabor Soapbox hill students learn sliding and drifting.