Eastside H20 Rain Wheels


Center set for even wear and to keep water away from the bearings. To make them respond in the rain, we've grooved 2 deep lines of insets around the wheel. This reduces hydroplaning by displacing the water on the road and providing the traction you need to stick your line. And YES, THEY DO WORK! Also when you drift or intentionally slide, its easier to hook back up smoothly and continue on with speed. They work best on completely wet roads and last a very long time if never ridden on dry pavement. The 70mm size allows for faster acceleration out of turns than bigger wheels. A great match for any longboard including commuter boards to keep you safe in the rain with superior control.

Set of 4: 70mm / 78a

Now with Stoneground Finish

Price: $39.99

(US only, excludes HI and AK)

H20s in action taking the inside with more grip and exit speed!

Moments in History below from the Eastside H2O and the Eastside original Rain Wheels.

Eric Hovey racing on the Eastside H2O RainWheels at the 2012 Whislter Longboard Festival.

Alex Tongue racing on the Eastside Rain Wheels placing 10th at the Maryhill Festival of Speed 09.

Rain Wheels

Casey Morrow racing on the Eastside Rain Wheels winning the Cali #5 NorCal Race on May 25th, 2008.