P-Town Throwdown Map - 8.5 Mile Course

Look over to right on lower map to follow route going west from right to left

Directions and Information

We will be meeting at 10am at the lower parking lot located on the North side of Mt.Tabor Park.
It can be accessed from North Entrance via 69th and Yamhill or the West Entrance via 60th and Salmon.
Meeting Spot and Registration - Map Link - Bathrooms are located next to the parking lot. Shuttles will be coming back after the race.

Donated food will be collected here and raffle tickets will be issued only to racers who have signed the liability waiver. 4 items of food per raffle ticket with no limit.

- As a group we'll be taking Run 1 from the top of Tabor to the bottom of 60th and Salmon.
- The official start line starts on the west side of 60th ave on Salmon St. (1,2,3, GO!!!)
- Start goes down Salmon for 2 blocks to 58th - Turn left on 58th and cross Hawthorne (Look for traffic!).
- Go to Lincoln and turn Right - DOWNHILL!! - 6 blocks of 20-30mph with no stop signs.
- Cross 52nd - 1st light signal (Look out for traffic!)
- Continue on Lincoln and cross 39th - 2nd light signal (Look out for traffic!)
- Continue on Lincoln to 30th. Lincoln turns into Harrison.
- Continue down Harrison to 20th ave - DOWNHILL - 10 blocks of 20-30mph with no stop signs.
- Cross 20th and take Harrison to the first of three Ladds Edition Roundabouts. (Look out for traffic!)
- Follow each Roundabout to the right going around half way and continue West on Harrison.
- Proceed on Harrison, crossing 12th and 11th aves (one way streets with traffic) to 8th ave.
- Go left on 8th and cross Division Street - 3rd light signal (look out for traffic)
- Go Right on Division Place and then Left on 4th ave.
- Enter the Bike Path South and push to the Finish Line at Sellwood Park. (3 miles of flat left)
- Cross the finish line and puke if you have too!
- Give your number to the finish line worker and stay clear of the bike path.
- Prize raffle and awards ceremony located towards the river in Sellwood Park.

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